Great Bluetooth Keyboard for Android


Actually, the Logitech K480 works with the iPhone as well.  I was using an Apple keyboard with my Samsung Note 3, but it began to act erratically, so I went to BestBuy and found this Logitech K480.

I’ve always liked Logitech products, especially their wireless and bluetooth mice.  This keyboard is no exception.  It was a fast setup and functions perfectly.  I’m writing post using it now with my Note 3 propped in the slot.

Writing for Realtors Around the World

Real Estate is Our Greatest Strength

Jim Kimmons has done it all:

There simply is no substitute for this kind of experience and depth of industry knowledge. You can get cheaper writing, but you’ll not get better. will deliver:

  • On-time and on bid and budget.
  • Material that exceeds your expectations.
  • Writing that originates in knowledge & experience.

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How We Work – Writing and Payment Policy
How We Work With Our Clients
Quality, Procedures and Policies

Our absolute goal is to provide quality writing services, on time, and exceeding our clients’ expectations.  We find that we can achieve this goal when both we and our clients clearly understand expectations and requirements.  With that in mind, we would like all potential clients to look over our work procedures and policies.  Though we can and do vary from these policies at times, it will be on an individual client basis, and specifically laid out in the contract for services.

  • Project Scope of Work & Description: has found time and again that initial project description is absolutely critical to our ability to more-than-satisfy our clients.  We will frequently ask for more information, outlines or other itemized instructions.  In the case of services delivered through and, this part of the process may happen after the bid and before project acceptance.  We apologize for any inconvenience, however doing it during the bidding process is just not feasible with the number of jobs bid versus those awarded to our company.
  • Quality and Price: Directly related to Item 1, we are not the average freelance writing resource.  Our work and client service attitude far exceeds that of most writers in this business.  We are almost NEVER the low bidder for a project.  However, we keep quite busy, so there is a definite demand for quality over price.  If there is any doubt that we can more-than-satisfy a prospective client, we will decline a project.  We consider ourselves as partners with our clients in achieving their goals in using our services.  This is not a quantifiable quality, however it will rarely be available at the lowest price.
  • Delivery Deadlines: We believe that meeting deadlines for delivery is mandatory.  However, when material is submitted to the client for review, we are not in control of the process until the client replies or sends revision instructions.  Note that we will outline in our contract for services the turn-around necessary to keep the project on track to meet delivery deadlines.  If the client does not return instructions in a timely manner, we will notify them of required adjustments to delivery schedules.
  • Writing Services vs Web Design/Posting: We are writers, and do not aspire to actually construct web pages nor place material into a client’s website.  It is also not our normal scope of work to actually design brochures or newsletters.  We find that others can do it at a lower cost to our clients.  In the case of blog posts, we will actually place posts for the client if that is our agreement.  However, placing web pages or graphics would be a special circumstance, and not what we consider the best use of our services.
  • Graphics and Images: If we agree to place images in blog posts, web sites or other materials, we will only place images supplied by the client.  The client will accept all responsibility for the source of the graphics and their conformance to copyright law.  We strongly respect copyright and would like our clients to do the same.
  • Our Work and Originality: We will ALWAYS provide our clients with original and unique content.  We never plagiarize, excerpt, or use software to re-write material.
  • Payment and Copyright: Our contract for services clearly states that we will transfer all rights to our client upon acceptance of the work AND payment in full of all amounts in the contract for services.  In projects with multiple deliveries of partial content, we will retain all rights until final payment is made in full.  It is rare that we experience dissatisfied clients.  However, if a client is so dissatisfied with our writing product or services that they do not wish to pay in full, it is only logical that they would not want to use the writing in any way.  In this case, the client has invested nothing, while we have invested our expertise and time without payment.  It is only right that our product remain our property.  We use CopyScape to protect our material, and we will enforce our copyright in the case of non-payment.

Writing is Communication – There is a Best Practice

Writing Isn’t Just a Way With Words

Writing that serves your needs:

  • Gains the respect of readers with clear command of the subject.
  • Adds nuances only available from real-life experience.
  • Is completed within assigned deadlines.
  • Clearly delivers better-than-expected results.
  • In the case of the Web – delivers SEO & stickiness.

Writing is communication, and communication is best accomplished from experience.  Those who say that a good writer can write about anything are not incorrect.  However, the research required is time for which you will pay.  Additionally, there are a myriad of fine touches that will never be there without actual experience.

This is especially true in technical and business writing.  Jargon isn’t always bad.  It can promote understanding more readily in a technical or business readership.  The words must also come from a place of authority in order to gain respect and the buy-in of your target audience or market. will deliver:

  • On-time and on bid and budget.
  • Material that exceeds your expectations.
  • Writing that originates in knowledge & experience.

Real Estate Investment Articles

I’ve placed dozens of articles about real estate investing at my Real Estate Business site. You can get a very clear idea of my real estate investment knowledge and writing style by looking over a few of the articles at the link.  They cover real estate investment topics including:

  • Buying and selling right
  • Valuation and evaluation techniques
  • Managing properties
  • Marketing rentals
  • Landlording instruction
  • Home  Price Indexes and their interpretation
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts

Business Management and Growth Articles

When it comes to entrepreneurship, starting, growing and managing a business, I’ve done it several times.  I’ve been my own boss my entire adult life.  Writing about business and how make it successfully are my specialty.

Whether it’s starting up, customer development, marketing, advertising, technology, and so much more, get a thorough look at my knowledge and writing ability by checking out the many articles I’ve placed (all are mine) at the site.

Writing About Blogging and Marketing with Blogs

Dozens of articles about blogging and using it effectively illustrate my expertise on the subject and my ability to write about it both conversationally and as instruction.

When you visit the link above, you’ll find a huge amount of information about how blogs can be utilized to build a business, communicate with customers, and build community good will.

Writing About Marketing with Websites and Email

In more than 40 articles at this link, you’ll be able to evaluate my marketing expertise, internet and web design knowledge, and my ability to write about email and its use as a marketing tool.  I’ve utilized practices and written extensively on:

  • Web site design for maximum business potential
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Adwords and Click Marketing
  • Writing web content for maximum visitor conversions
  • Using email as a marketing tool – drip email
  • Email newsletters

Marketing and Customer Service Articles

Though directed to Realtors, my articles on general marketing topics at will give you an idea of my knowledge and ability to write about marketing to those in any business.

My expertise goes back many years through many entrepreneurial endeavors.  I’ve worked with the public, Realtors, contractors and other business owners in developing effective marketing efforts.  Coupling my experience with my research abilities assures the highest quality writing for my clients.

Software and Online Services Writer

My articles at have instructed thousands in the use of all types of software and online services in their business.  With technology evolving at such a rapid rate, a technology writer needs to have the interest and resources to keep pace.  Otherwise, articles will be old or out of date before they ever hit print or the web.

More than 40 articles at this link will illustrate, not only my technology knowledge, but also my ability to articulate tech subjects for the average person.