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Writing References and Links

Jim Kimmons has been a freelance writer in various business and investment venues for many years.  Here are some of the projects, articles, blogs, websites, and books which he has written, either in his name or as a ghostwriter.

Magazines & Books

An article in Energy of the City magazine titled Rethink Remodel.

Jim’s book for first-time homebuyers titled 70 Things First Time Homebuyers Need to Know.

Jim’s book titled Real Estate Agent’s Desk Reference.

Andrew Cordle book titled Cash Flow Finish Line – Top 12 Strategies for Making Money in Real Estate

Drew Levin & Danny Perkins book titled Flipping in a Snap

Ghost Writing

Book for Scott Yancey (Flipping Vegas) titled Go Time.

Scott Yancey book titled  Power Flipping Your Way To Profits: PLUS: Finding & Funding Strategies for Long-Term Success

Book for Andrew Cordle titled Cash Flow Finish Line.

Book for Doug Clark (Flip Men on Spike TV) titled Big Money: Profit from Today’s Real Estate Market.

Book for Danny Perkins & Drew Levin titled:  Building Wealth: A Guide to Real Estate Profits.

Book about stocks & options trading for Steven Sitkowski titled Trade Like the Pros.

Book for Mitch Zacks titled How to Consistently Beat the Market: Zacks Proven Formula for Making 26% a Year for More Than Two Decades.

Other books for various real estate and investing personalities that are used as promotions for their seminars, etc.

Websites & Blogs

11 years as the Real Estate Business Guide writer for About.com, later changed to TheBalance.com at https://www.thebalance.com/real-estate-4073981.

Huffington Post articles as a ghostwriter for Dean Graziosi at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/dean-graziosi.

Ghost writer for Taxhive.com and Homeze.com.

Blog posts ghostwriter for WebsiteBox.com, a real estate website provider.

Hundreds of articles and blog posts around the Web for businesses, mostly those related to real estate, real estate investing and stock market/options investing.

Previously Licensed Real Estate Broker – Past licenses in TX and CO, and NM


Articles Sold at Constant-Content.com

**I no longer write for the site, but these are some of the articles written and sold previously.

Earn a Huge Online Freelancing Income with Peanuts for Expenses
After Repair Value, Arv, in Real Estate Investing
There is Money in a Sandwich Lease Strategy
Can Social Sites Take the Place of a Small Business Website?
Real Estate Lead Generation in 2021
Poor Headlines are Costing Marketers Dearly
Don’t Count on Facebook as Your Primary Online Business Presence
Top 5 Ways to Create a Real Estate Easement
The Rental Home Long-Term Investment Plan
Stairstep Your Way Out of Debt
How to Turn Your First Home into a Real Estate Investment Immediately
Should You Sell Your Home Without Listing with an Agent?
Winning a Home Bidding War
The Headline for When You Absolutely Need a Click
How Does a Real Estate Agent Come Up with the Price to List Your Home?
Dehydration and Vacuum Sealing for Foods in Troubling Times
How Are Home Listing Prices Decided?
Instead of Flipping Houses, Become a House Flipper’s Buyer
Do You Want to Invest in Real Estate in a Less Active Way?
You Don’t Have to Be Analytical to Benefit from Website Analytics in Business
Buying Your First Home – Should You Use a Big Bank or a Mortgage Broker?
Don’t Dismiss PPC, Pay-Per-Click, Until You Try It
The Mortgage for When That Perfect Home Needs a Little Work
What to Know If You Want to Succeed in Real Estate
Website or Social Sites for Your Small Business?
Saving Money with Your Vacuum Sealer in the Kitchen
You Can Increase Your Income in Today’s Growing Freelancing Economy
Is the Boomer Retiree Fulltime Rv Lifestyle for You?
Sous Vide Cooking for the Newbie
Retire to the RV Lifestyle with Extra Income
What is the Best Caliber for Concealed Carry?
If Facebook is Your Main Web Presence, Your Local Business is Losing Business
The Elements of a Great Rental Property Investment
After the Contract Signing – the Home Purchase Transaction Process
The Millennial First Home Purchase to Launch Your Future Retirement
Get a Real Estate Agent to Work for You 24/7/365
Improve Your Website’s Performance with Better Navigation and Internal Linking
PPC, Pay-Per-Click, Can Be a Better Investment Than SEO
The Long-Term Contractor Partnership That Works for Fix-And-Flip
Money Between the Slices in the Sandwich Lease for Real Estate Investing
CAP Rate, Capitalization Rate, and How Buyers and Sellers Use It
Should You Be Blogging for Business?
The Online Advantages of Using a Real Estate Agent
Just What is Real Estate Wholesaling?
Start Earning Money Today in the Growing Freelance Economy
Real Estate Wholesaling to Rental Investors
Is WordPress Right for Your New Business?
When to Ask Your Real Estate Buyer Agent for a CMA
The Hired Management Decision for Rental Investors
When It Comes to Risk, is Stock Market or Real Estate Better?
Cut Your Investment Expenses Before You Get a Tenant
A Risk-Reward Comparison for the Real Estate Investor
The Lease-Purchase Option for the Challenged Homebuyer
Making Direct Mail Marketing Pay Off for Your Small Business
Should You Get a Shorter-Term Mortgage, Make Extra Payments, or Something Else?
Create a Google+ Community for Real Estate Marketing
The Ultimate Retirement Cash Flow Portfolio
Get 3 Times as Many Website Newsletter Subscriptions by Not Asking for Them
Think Like Google for More Website Business
Building Retirement Wealth for the Risk Averse with Real Estate
The Three Steps of the Ultimate Short-Term Real Estate Investment Strategy
The Wrong Home Listing Price Can Cost You Money
Finding Money for Real Estate Investing
Free Online Marketing for a Small Freelancing Business
What is the Best Gun to Carry for Self Defense?
Using WordPress to Grow Your Consulting Business
Buying Your First Home? – Understanding Escrow
Using PPC to Improve Analytics and SEO
Is There a Future for You in the Gig Economy?
The Perfect Partnership of the Wholesaler and Rental Real Estate Investor
Ask the Questions Searchers Ask for Better SEO
Is PPC, Pay Per Click, a Waste of Money?
Navigating the Outsourced Career World
Even If You Get a Good Deal in a Home, Don’t Expect the Appraisal to Show It
What Do They Mean by Buyers’ or Sellers’ Markets in Real Estate?
Leveraging Local Real Estate Networking on LinkedIn
Active or Passive Real Estate Investing – Which is for You?
Can You Freelance Without Your Own Website?
Buying a Home? Ask If the Seller Has a CLUE
A Secret to Cut Drip Email Unsubscribes in Half
How to Write a Title That Gets a Click
Think Selling While You’re Buying Your First Home
6 Tips for Homebuyers in the Closing Process
How to Make Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising Cost Effective
The Home Viewing Plan to Buy the Right Home Before It’s Gone
If You’re Not Invested in Real Estate – Why Not?
Using WordPress to Grow Your Home Service Business
A Better Retirement Lifestyle Through Investment Diversification
Top 4 Differences Between a Condominium and a Single-Family Home
A Realistic Look at a Rental Home Investment
What Is a Property CMA and Who Needs It?
Four Website Content Marketing Best Practices for Business
Why Your Buyer Agent Should Give You a CMA
Is Real Estate the Right Career for You?
How to Know What to Charge for Your Freelance Writing Work
Should You Sell Your Home Without Listing with a Real Estate Agent?
The Internet – Best Marketing Media for Homes
Buy or Rent – the Homebuyer Question
The IRS Top 7 New Business Taxation Checklist Tips
Set Your Home List Price Like the Real Estate Agents Do It
Should You Have Concealed Carry Self Defense Insurance Coverage?
Cutting the Costs of Heating and Cooling Your Home
The Many Roles in a Home Purchase Transaction
Is Your Website a Billboard or a Directional Sign?
Great Buy on a Home? – Don’t Expect the Appraisal to Prove It
Keeping an Income After Retirement
8 Places to Find Business Funding
IT, Information Technology, for the Rest of Us
Stop Thinking 20% Down and Get Home Financing Creative
The Buy or Rent Decision Getting More Complicated
Why Home Central Heating and Cooling Systems Must Be Properly Sized
Why is Rental Property a Great Long and Short-Term Investment?
Understanding the Role of the Investor in Distressed Homeowner Negotiations
The Acronyms That Can Change Your Investment Future
Buying Your First Home – Think About Selling It
Top 3 Reasons to Build Your Business Website on WordPress
How Do You Find Money for Real Estate Investing?
​​​​​​​Real Estate Liens, Easements, and Encroachments Explained
Buying a Home – Everything is Negotiable
Stock Options for the Conservative Investor
The Totally Free Business Website
The Low-Cost Move to Tiny RV Square Footage in Retirement
Documents and Disclosures When Buying a Home
Homebuyers Should Use a Sellers’ Agent Tool to Get a Better Deal
Investors Take Note: Renting Taking the Place of the American Homeownership Dream
The Fix-And-Flip 3-2-1 Profit Countdown
Reallocate to Real Estate to Kick-Start Your Retirement Savings
How to Respond to a Low Home Appraisal
Getting Your Mail If You Retire to Live Full Time in Your RV
What’s Better Than SEO for Your Local Website Promotion?
Converting Your Online Skills into an Income
Diversify into Hard Assets for Growth and Safety
The Differences in Owning a Condominium and a Single-Family Home
Selling Online – Your Own Site or a Store Site?
What Are Encumbrances in Real Estate?
Is There a Real Estate Investment in Your Future?
Once the Home Contract is Signed – What’s Next in the Transaction?
If Your Website is Important to Your Business, Take Control
Without Calls to Action, Your Website is Just a Speed Bump
Does Your Website Focus More on Pretty Than on Generating Business?
Which Websites Are Best for Searching Homes for Sale?
You Can Remodel a Kitchen but Not a Neighborhood
Do You Need Concealed Carry Insurance?
Top 5 Critical Rental Property Investment Calculations for Profit
Better Website Prospect Conversion with Email in Three Easy Steps
Facebook as Marketing Leverage – Not as a Primary Website
Throw Away That Real Estate Brochure Box
Turn Your Brochures into Online Feature Tours
How to Find the Perfect Home Online
A Vagabond Lifestyle on a Social Security Income
The Upside-Down Pyramid for Real Estate Retirement Investing
Know the Cost of Home Heating and A/C Repairs Before the Work
Top 5 Tips for Buying a Currently Active Rental Property
Real Estate Investing for the Faint of Heart
The Many Ways to Make Money Through Real Estate Investment
Whether to Buy or Rent Isn’t Just a Numbers Game
Buying a Home? Price is Just the First of Six Negotiations
If You’re Buying a Home, Do You Have a C.L.U.E?
The Small RV Kitchen for Easy Gourmet Cooking
Income Opportunities for Crafters
Landing Pages Aren’t Just for SEO
Know What to Ask About Your Real Estate Agent’s Valuation of Your Home
Rental Home Cash Flow is After Expenses – Know What They Are
The On-A-Roll Rental Real Estate Strategy
Thinking Transition When Buying Your First Home
The Home Inspection and Repair Negotiations in a Home Purchase Transaction
Should You Use One of Those Online Real Estate Recommendation Websites?
Should You Convert Your Rental from Monthly to Short-Term?
Avoid Nasty Surprises Later by Reading the Title Insurance Binder
The Little-Known No Down Payment Mortgage from the USDA
How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake When Listing Your Home for Sale
The Real Estate Investment Risk-Reward Ladder
Free WordPress.com or Paid Hosting – Which is Best for Your Business Website
Buying Your First Home as Part of a Lifetime Investment Plan
Should You Buy or Rent a Home?
Get Health Benefits from Shiitake Mushrooms
Home Seller Negotiation Tips
Think About Selling When You Are Buying Your First Home
Firearm Selection for Concealed Carry-Handgun Types and Caliber
Social Sites Should Support a Business Website, Not Replace It
What is a Title Binder and What’s in It?
Beware of Dual Agency When Buying a Home
Squatters’ Rights and Adverse Possession in Real Estate
Using Throw-Away Contingencies to Buy a Home at a Lower Price
Revolver or Semi-Auto for Concealed Carry?
Home Features Can Be Upgraded – Not So Much for Neighborhoods
Using Options to Buy and Sell Stocks
Get into a Seller’s Shoes When Buying Your First Home
Pocket Concealed Carry: Wise from a Legal Perspective
If You Use a Word Processor, You Can Build a WordPress Website
Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Business Website
How Rental Properties Create Millionaires
Top 5 End of Year Business Planning Strategies for Tax Savings
The Sandwich Lease Strategy for Real Estate Investing
Buy Your Home for Living – Not a Retirement Investment
Are Photos Putting Your Listed Home in the Right Light?
Calculating ROE: Return on Equity in Real Estate
The Other Passive Real Estate Investment Strategy
The Plan for Leveraging Your WordPress Posts with Social Plugins
Rental Real Estate – an Investment for Any Market
Saving Time, Money, and Eating Better with Sous Vide Cooking for Single-Person Households
The Real Estate Wholesaler’s Checklist
Top 5 Risk Reduction Strategies for Leveraged Real Estate Investing
The Five-Step Landing Page Version Strategy for More Website Traffic
Quick Business Expense Accounting for the Busy Entrepreneur
Avoid Escrow Shock As a First-Time Homebuyer
Is Your Business Website a Billboard or a Customer Magnet?
Investing in Real Estate with Little or No Cash
​​​​​​​Rental Property Cash Flow – How It Works
Who Controls Your Online Business Presence
An Investor Strategy for Millennial Home Buyers
Partnerships That Work for Real Estate Investors
Take Control of Your Business Online with WordPress
Information Technology – Saving and Retrieving Critical Data
The Last Great Opportunity for the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Get More Business by Refocusing Online Marketing on Existing Customers
What is the Difference in Buying a Condo or a Single Family Home?
Get Home Listings Delivered Like the Agents Do
Office Furniture and Workplace Productivity
The Top 7 Ways to Invest in Real Estate
Is the Full-Time RV Lifestyle for You?
The 5 Top Rules for Online Real Estate Lead Generation That Works
How Real Estate Agent Recommendation Sites Get Paid
The A-B-C of Rental Home Investment
Freelance Writing on the Road
Don’t Let Your First Home Be a Financial Anchor
Concealed Carry for the Boomer Generation
The Top 4 Encumbrances on Real Estate
Vacancy and Credit Loss – the Hidden Costs in Rental Property Investment
Is Your Website Getting Old and Tired?
Part-Time Extra Income from Home is Easy in the Internet Economy
Ease Your Way into Rental Property Investing with Leases
The Best Websites to Search for Your New Home
Plugins – the Force Multiplier for WordPress
Downsizing for the Full-Time RV Lifestyle
Two Ways to Fund a Wholesale Real Estate Deal with Minimal Cash
Google AdWords for the Beginner
Entrepreneurship Opportunities of a Lifetime
Are You Missing the QR Code Bandwagon for Business?
Easing Google Services Withdrawal Pains
Real Estate Encumbrances Explained
You Decide Which Firearm is Right for Your Self Defense
5 Easy Steps to Your Own Business Website and Why It is Critical
If You Love Digging Up Bargains – You Could Be Wholesaling Real Estate
Creating Business Website Content to Get on the First Page of Search Results
There’s a Plugin for That with WordPress
Using an LLC to Invest in Real Estate
Rent or Buy?  the Home Purchase Decision is About More Than Just Money
The Wholesale Real Estate Flip – Back to Front
The Web is a Highway – Service Websites Shouldn’t Be Just Billboards
Top 5 Ultimate Real Estate Website Tips
Can You Make Money Doing Affiliate Marketing?
The Challenges of Making Money Selling Photography on Stock Sites
Do You Need a Business Website and is WordPress the Right Solution?
Marketing Sells Homes & Little Things Say a Lot
When is the Best Time to Buy a Home?
The Pros & Cons of PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising
What Goes and What Stays When a Home is Sold?
Make a Stronger Offer With a Loan Pre-approval Letter
This Crazy Real Estate Business
The Inspection and Repair Process for Home Buyers
SEO or PPC? – It Depends on Your Web Site
Do You Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home?
Can You Insure the Home You’re Buying?
Why List in the MLS, or Multiple Listing Service?
Real Estate is Local – Your Agent Should be Too!

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